So-Cal’s Greenest Boutique Firm!

Where Realty and Mortgage Blossom!

What makes Green Rose Industries a Groundbreaking Boutique?

Green Rose Industries is not looking to reinvent the Real Estate and Mortgage industry; in fact, we are actively redefining it. Our model is straightforward and simple. We strive to align with our client’s needs, making the buying, selling, and/or refinancing of properties a seamless process. By utilizing in-house mortgage and real estate brokers while remaining completely green, Green Rose Industries is able to offer completely virtual services, by providing buyers, sellers, and current homeowners with the most individualized and streamlined experience possible. Simply put, Green Rose Industries is where realty and mortgage blossoms.

Buy Side

First Month’s Mortgage on the House if you buy and finance your new home with Green Rose Industries.


Sell Side

Free Concierge Services if you Buy and Sell your home with Green Rose Industries.


Free Home Appraisal if your Refinance closes within 30 days.

Property Management

Free Tenant Screenings if you contract Green Rose Industries for longer than 12 months.


Reverse Mortgage

Exclusive for our Rosebuds 62 years old or over! 🙂 Green Rose Industries will offer you; Conceriege Services, Free Appraisal, or first months mortgage depending on your needs!

Go GREEN to or go home.

As Founder and CEO of Green Rose Industries, Bréon Green set out to create a unique boutique Real Estate and Mortgage firm that would reshape real estate industries for years to come. With over a decade of experience and an arsenal of hundreds of amassed Real Estate and Mortgage transactions, Bréon Green epitomizes the core values and foresight of the real estate industry. Realizing his passion for the mentorship of his colleagues and clients, Mr. Green has set out to re-invent the wheel, inspiring one client and agent at a time.
Since its inception in 2020, Green Rose Industries has looked to keep pace with market trends and Mortgage-Backed Securities, while blending the Real Estate and Mortgage components to create a seamless, customer-centric experience for all to enjoy.


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What clients say
about their experience

D. Cooke

100% Satisfaction
I was very pleased throughout the entire loan process. Mr. Green was patient and made sure he explained each step so I would understand and feel comfortable with my decisions. I was, surprisingly, impressed with his in depth real estate knowledge. It was a pleasure doing business with Green Rose Industries.

G. Sosa

El proceso de principio al final fue tan fácil. Brèon estuvo pendiente de nosotros durante cada paso, y tomó su tiempo en sus explicaciones. Quería que nosotros entendiéramos todo, y contestó cada pregunta. Lo agradezco mucho y lo recomiendo a todos que estén buscando una casa

B. Hilliard

I worked with Mr. Green years ago before the thought of Green Rose Industries crossed his mind. Our first transaction we did together was flawless. Let me just say, being one of the first Loan Officers I had met that had a complete grasp on what reverse mortgages were was mind-blowing within itself. His transparency was second to none, and the way he held my hand throughout the process made me realize how unique of an individual he is. Fast-forward to present day, my heart jumped for joy when he informed me that he took the leap of faith and opened his OWN Real Estate and Mortgage company. Long story short, here I am in the middle of refinancing my reverse mortgage and am even happier. I did not think Mr. Green could up his level of expertise and professionalism, but he sure enough did! I can not begin to thank him and his team enough for making this process a pain free and joyous occasion!

Why you should work withfor Green Rose Industries as an agent

As the saying goes, “Surround yourself with individuals heading in the direction you wish to go”. At Green Rose Industries, all of our Agents and Administrative colleagues have one simple thing in common: the desire to go out and be the best version of themselves every day. Believing in the unlimited potential and power of critical and entrepreneurial thinking, Green Rose Industries is constantly looking for individuals that are not only trendsetters but also avid team players.

Whether you are a seasoned agent or new to the Real Estate and Mortgage world, Green Rose Industries is an agency that believes in the equal treatment and collective expertise of all of the members of our team.